Welcome to h-bar coffee! 

TL;DR We are a small coffee roaster in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. Our business model is simple. If you're in Los Alamos County (including White Rock), order from our list of available coffees before noon on Monday and we'll deliver locally and freshly roasted coffee to your door Friday and Saturday! 

We've been roasting coffee for almost ten years and strive to provide the freshest, highest quality coffee to Los Alamos County that we can. In those years, we've learned that freshly roasted coffee changes dramatically after roasting, often with flavors peaking about a week after roasting, and starting to degrade after about three weeks post-roast (though this window can change quite a bit based on a variety of reasons). Sadly, most of the out of town options we get in the county are outside this range and the quality suffers. Our model is different. We are focused locally and roast our quality small batches to order with delivery the same week the coffee is roasted. By sourcing the most delicious green (unroasted) coffee, expertly roasting to bring out desired qualities, and delivering fresh, you'll have the best coffees in the comfort of your own home! Are you a home roaster yourself? Pick up some green from us and benefit from our buying in bulk!


We aim to have as light an impact on the Earth as possible in all of our practices. We've sourced the most compostable bags possible so your coffee bag today won't be your grandchild's problem. We print our labels on 100% recycled materials using a no cartridge printer to reduce waste. Our roaster is electric and powered by renewable energy sources so we dramatically decrease our carbon foot print as well. Our web host is one of the most eco-friendly available. Got ideas for how we can do even better? Please let us know!

Acting Locally

We're local, having lived in the Los Alamos community for over eleven years and aim to give back when and where we can. A portion of our sales go to non-profits with an emphasis on helping those in Northern New Mexico (with some noted exceptions). Check out our offerings to find out what purchases help what organizations! Have an organization you think should be featured for one of our coffees? Let us know by emailing us!

Why h-bar coffee?

h-bar () is the reduced Planck constant, a universal value important in describing small objects like photons and electrons. It also impacts how accurately locations can be known following the uncertainty principle. At h-bar coffee, we're small and local too. We're also scientists and use our scientific training to run experiments and test coffee hypotheses, leading to the most flavorful roasted coffee for our customers with a range of offerings to suit a wide range of coffee preferences. We'll share those coffee experiments in our Blog write ups going forward, along with some tips and tricks for brewing the best cup of coffee at home.