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Colombia El Paraíso Tropical

Colombia El Paraíso Tropical

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To kick off our premier line, we wanted to start with a bang and what can you say about this offering other than "WOW!". The tropical fruit (passionfruit, guava, and a bit of peach) from this double anaerobic fermentation will mentally transport you from the mountains to the beach in the first sip. The careful attention to detail from the award winning Finca El Paraíso coupled with the novel processing methods from the Santuario Project (not related to Chimayó mind you!) lead to a cup that is fruit forward like a natural process but clean like a washed process. This one surely won't last long! 

12 oz. / 340g in compostable bag.

Country: Colombia

Region: Cauca, Piendamó, Tunía, Vereda Los Arados

Producer:  Finca El Paraíso - Diego Bermúdez 

Varieties:  Castillo and Colombia

Altitude: 1930 meters above sea level

Processing Method: Double anaerobic fermentation (28 hrs. in cherry then 40 hrs. in mucilage followed by thermal shock).

Roast Level: Light (~90 Agtron Gourmet scale, ground)

Importer: Bohdi Leaf

A portion of sales will go to individuals facing food insecurity in Northern New Mexico through The Food Depot's Mobile Food Pantries Program. 


In accordance with NM HB177 "This product is home produced and is exempt from state licensing and inspection. This product may contain allergens."

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