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h-bar coffee

DR Congo Kivu COOPADE Cooperative

DR Congo Kivu COOPADE Cooperative

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Our first offering comes from D.R. Congo. After cupping, we knew we had to add this amazing coffee to our listings! The dried fruit notes coupled with brown sugar and  velvety mouth feel is so comforting on a cold morning but we hope to continue to stock this gem year round! 

12 oz. / 340g in compostable bag.

Photo by Carl de Keyzer / Magnum Photos for the Virunga Foundation

Country: D.R. Congo

Region: Beni Territory, North Kivu

Producer: Coopade Cooperative 

Varieties: Heirloom Varietals, Blue Mountain, Rumangabo

Altitude: 1900-2100 meters above sea level

Processing Method: Washed

Roast Level: Medium (~65 Agtron Gourmet scale, ground)

Importer: Genuine Origin 

A portion of sales will go to support the Virunga Park and their efforts to protect endangered species while improving economic opportunities for local communities. 

Some notes from our importer about the region and cooperative:

The farming community in North Kivu has become accustomed to adversity. Armed incursion, corruption and disease are part of everyday life, but in coffee they see hope. Coffee is one of the only cash crops these producers grow. It puts money on the table, brings stability to the community and enables farmers to plan.

The Coopade is an exciting new Coop with a network of 24 micro-mills along the western rim of the Rwenzori Mountain Range. The benefit of working through a Coop is of huge importance to smallholders since North Kivu is landlocked. Plugging Congolese coffee into the global supply chain means transporting it to the Port of Mombasa in Kenya to reach the sea. Thus, working collectively is essential. Coopade is also focused on expanded production and quality.

The farming community borders the Virunga National Park which occupies the Semliki River Valley in the 140 km stretch between lakes Edward and Albert in the westernmost arm of the Great Rift Valley. Cocoa and palm oil are also grown in the lower zones, and new crops such as chia seed are also starting to take root. The conditions here are ideal for growing coffee: deep, fertile, volcanic soil, high altitude and adequate rainfall.


In accordance with NM HB177 "This product is home produced and is exempt from state licensing and inspection. This product may contain allergens."

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