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Ethiopia Dur Feres "Wild Horse"

Ethiopia Dur Feres "Wild Horse"

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We at h-bar coffee love a good Ethiopian natural. When we first got into coffee roasting over a decade ago, it was an Ethiopian Harrar blueberry-chocolate explosion that made us question everything we thought we knew about how coffee could taste and we were hooked. This one is a bit more nuanced with red fruit top notes (depending on how you grind/prep, I get strawberry in particular) with a nice cacao base to keep things balanced. It is not as heavy as most of our other coffees but quite enjoyable, especially for Summer! This is a limited release so once our supply is gone, we'll likely be out until we can get more from the next harvest (hopefully). 

12 oz. / 340g in compostable bag.

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Guji 

Producer: Community lots - Aklilu Kassa and Biniyam Aklilu Kassa 

Varieties: Local landrace varieties 

Altitude: 2000-2035 meters above sea level

Processing Method: Natural

Roast Level: Light (~95 Agtron Gourmet scale, ground)

Importer: Catalyst Trade

A portion of sales will go to the Family Strengths Network, supporting Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico through providing education, support groups, and activities to all types of families, parents, teens, and children.

Some more info from our import partners at Catalyst Trade:

Our flagship community lot, Dur Feres, is a coffee we developed by popular demand and with a heck-ton of nostalgia in mind. Founder and Sourcing Director Michael McIntyre came of age as a coffee person in the early aughts when one of the greatest coffees in the world was Mohamed Ogsady’s famed Harar Horse brand (with its iconic cloth label showing a horse silhouetted against the MAO name). Coffee folks everywhere slip into nostalgia when we mention Harar Horse coffee: its thick blueberry puree and chocolate notes took the world by storm in a time when coffees weren’t as distinguished by origin characteristics as we now expect. 

With the death of Mohamed Ogsady and the institution of the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange (ECX), the MAO Horse coffee sadly became a thing of the past. However, in 2016 when Michael set out to create a carefully composed in-country blend of selected lots Grades 1, 2, and 3, he knew exactly what he was going for: homage to the great coffee and producers that changed so many lives and defined so many palates, including his own. Our Dur Feres, or “Wild Horse” translated from Amharic, was born. 

We source Dur Feres and its sister washed coffee, Tsebel, from the families and communities where we source our highest quality microlots. Dur Feres has the same level of traceability, is organic certified, and maintains a steady flavor profile which we ourselves curate using coffees from various regions of Ethiopia as they come ripe. This allows us to keep a fresh crop supply always rotating and gives our roasters the assurance that they can build their sourcing programs around having a constant supply of this coffee at the same price and with the same flavor profile they’ve come to expect.


In accordance with NM HB177 "This product is home produced and is exempt from state licensing and inspection. This product may contain allergens."

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